Friday, August 24, 2012

#RHBill...Pass it for the good of your country.

Now first of all, I am not really political. Yes I am not Filipino so other people might ask me why am I writing about this about the Reproductive Health Bill that has been debating in the Philippine congress for years. But after what has been going on the last couple of weeks and reading from my Twitter feed, I thought to write a blog about why this bill should be passed. I mean, it is for your country and this is been debate even in the states. Even though the US and the Philippines share a similar kind of government however the Philippines needs this more than the US does. So I have to put a different kind of shoes and think of another way, so say why the Philippines need this bill to get passed.

After hearing about Tito Soto comments recently that he copied US blogger in his speech, really shook my head. I know this has been going on for years and people are getting fed up. Passing this bill will be a good thing for your country. When I went to the Philippines in June of 2010, I was excited to finally to go to a country that I love and respect. Driving through Manila to get to Baguio was one experience I will never forget. At the first stoplight that we saw a boy begging for money. My mom was surprised and saddened. No kid should beg for money just to get by. I saw the tall buildings that every high income gets to the low people just getting by in the slums. No kid that grows up should ever be this way and that goes to all kids since it is their future. In Baguio, it is scenic but now homes are being built on the mountains. What can we do? Pass the RHBill.

Every Filipino woman should have a choice to do what she wants to do when it comes to birth control. This is not a man's choice but a woman's choice. The women that are poor or in the slums that is not educated in this should be educated so she can decide what she wants to do including contraceptives. I understand the health risks about it but it should be known if a woman wants to take it or not. A Filipino woman really sacrifices a lot for the sake of the family. There is a lot of OFW's around the world that have to leave their family home to support the kids that can range for 2 or more. But the heart of the issue is health.

The Philippines is exploding when it comes to population and more people are being born that it effects the countries infrastructure . More schools and homes have to be built and more roads need to be maintained and more transportation. I have to imagine if people that drive on the EDSA every morning to get to and from work will be in traffic for a little while longer. If the government lets this keep going on, then all those problems that will happen will be tough to maintain it. What will happen to to the kids who are poor and don't have the access to heath if they are sick?

As a lover of your country and your people, pass the RHBill. It is time to put all of the people beliefs aside and really think that this will be good for your country. Your people and your country need it the most of all especially for the hard working Filipina to the kids.